Jaipur Rugs mixes tradition with modern design

From 40,000 to 100,000 carpet weavers in five years. The ambition at Jaipur Rugs is bursting with energy and this did not go unnoticed by expert Nicolette Biessels when she visited Jaipur Rugs in October 2010. She worked again with Jaipur Rugs last November. “This was once again a fantastic experience!” It made a lasting impression.

Nicolette explains that Jaipur Rugs employs 40,000 artisans (80% women!) across ten states in India. “They make beautiful rugs, each requiring a different kind of care and attention. At least 73 different treatments are required to create each rug. ”Agenda points at the start of November of this year included market positioning, participation in the international Domotex expo in Hannover (January 2012) and the introduction of a new collection. Nicolette: “On the first day of work, we immediately discussed the communication and organization necessary for participating in Domotex Hannover 2012. We used Skype to discuss the European publicity approach for the launch of the new CONNEXTION collection with Australian designer Jenny Jones. CONNEXTION stands for the artisan, handmade rugs from Jaipur Rugs, combined with the modern designs of Jenny Jones. Lovely!”

Nicolette also helped thinking about filling the vacancy of Marketing & Communication Manager. And she started with a plan of approach to increase the involvement and connection between the weavers, the company and the brand. Nicolette worked together with Tanveen Ratti, one of the Indian Women on Wings consultants. “It’s lovely how she creates a link between India and the Netherlands. In situations when I can’t read between the lines, Tanveen ‘translates’ for me so that we understand each other. Tanveen is also a designer, so she looks at planning from that perspective too. She created new labels for all the hand-made rugs of Jaipur Rugs.”

Last October Jaipur Rugs won the Social Development and Equity Award at India Pride Awards 2011 for its daily efforts in connecting thousands of artisans at the bottom of the pyramid with rich markets of the world.