Indian consultants: valuable connection between Indian customers and Dutch experts

It is the 10th of November. Tanveen Ratti, Rupa Girish and Prachi Grover share their knowledge about India and their specific use of Dutch experts. This is important, as they increasingly work alongside experts on projects for Women on Wings.

The three consultants worked all day with Ellen, Maria and Ineke in New Delhi to review the activities and discuss future plans. Throughout the year, the team Skyped each other every other week, but working together for the day gives a real sense of teamwork; a team that will be expanded next year with one or two Indian consultants, something necessary to guide the expansion of the work in India.

And what do the consultants think of their work? Every single one of them is enthusiastic. Tanveen: “This year, I worked alongside several experts for various customers. Working for Women on Wings is very versatile. This year I was able to concentrate on the gift for the Friends.” Rupa: “I see great future opportunities and am happy about the connection between the business world in India and Women on Wings. I am proud of the growth of Women on Wings.” Prachi: “I have been able to carry out a great deal of research and analysis for the sanitary pads business and have been working with expert Karen de Loos on the development of the Akzonobel stencil kit. It’s been particularly challenging due to collaboration with various stakeholders, but the results are clear: the kit will be piloted in December in a number of Fabindia shops.”