Explosive growth at Fabric Plus requires big steps forward

Fabric Plus is seeing explosive growth, which brings with it advantages and disadvantages. The founders, Dilip Barooah and Nahata CS, discussed their ‘growing pains’ with Women on Wings. During the meeting it soon became clear that the need to change a few fundamental things had become very urgent indeed.

On the same November afternoon, Ellen Tacoma and expert Ronald van het Hof worked on an organizational structure in response to the team session that had taken place that morning. Ellen: “We proposed to Dilip and Nahata an organizational model that would make responsibilities, management and processes clearer and more comprehensive. They decided to sleep on it. On Sunday morning we discussed it once more and they embraced the proposal with open arms, taking the opportunity to arrange fixed communication points internally and with Women on Wings.” The proposal was then discussed in an open session with the team. Ronald: “It just went brilliantly! Thanks to this company culture, huge leaps forward can be implemented.”

The following day they visited the factory where the spinning and weaving is carried out. A session with 15 employees took place. Ellen: “We wanted to get to the bottom of what their motivation was to work here and what Fabric Plus must and can do to recruit more employees, and in so doing to create more jobs. We were met with a surprising openness and some great ideas. This led to an immediate action point: a regular weekly meeting with a small group of employees about what’s going well and what needs to be worked on.” Both Ellen and Ronald loved being able to work with this organization. Ronald: “They are highly aware of the threats and the opportunities and are open to tackling these.” Ellen: “A hugely motivated management team and an inspirational direction team are the keys to success. It’s fantastic that the support of Women on Wings really is an added value to this.” The team will plan from now on a monthly meeting to monitor the organizational change and progress in business. To intensify our collaboration Women on Wings will have a bi-monthly meeting with the team in Guwahati.