Sadhna wins Indian Entrepreneur Award

Sadhna, Women on Wings’ first customer, won the Citi Micro Entrepreneur Awards (CMEA) 2011 in the “Community Owned Enterprise Category”. The award will be presented on Monday, 5th December 2011 in Mumbai. CMEA is an endeavour to recognize the spirit of enterprise that has taken people from poverty to a life of dignity. This year was the eighth year of the Awards and Citi India received an overwhelming response with over 800 applications from 17 states across the country, of these 40 were from Community Owned Enterprises (COE’s).

In accordance with the laid down processes, all applications received went through preliminary short listing, followed by on-site evaluation of the shortlisted applicants. Basis the application forms and information from the field visits, top 30 applicants of which 4 were COE, were presented to the Governing Council on November 14th-15th, 2011. The Governing Council, an independent council, comprising of experts and representatives from public, private, financial institutes and academia, selected Sadhna as the winner from amongst the 4 shortlisted COE applicants.