Khamir repositions and revitalizes the creative industry in Kutch

Khamir is a broad platform that promotes craftsmanship, cultural values, regional heritage and the unique ecology of the Kutch region. The most important challenge facing the organization is the realization of a growth in turnover and an increase in the number of jobs for women. Khamir therefore asked Women on Wings to support the organization in terms of corporate branding and the visibility of the women’s work. Khamir and Women on Wings formulated a common goal: to increase the number of working women from 600 to 1200 in three years.

On behalf of the Kutch Weavers Association (KWA), experts José van Aken and Marja Versleijen developed a short and long-term strategy in collaboration with Khamir. One of the short-term goals was to brand their Geographical Indication (GI) Award, a valuable recognition of craftsmanship in Kutch. In terms of strategic goals in the long term, the aim is to create a holistic view of the artisan industry in Kutch and, in doing so, increase the visibility of women.

Marja: “We were very impressed by the traditional, authentic skills of the Kutch weavers. Their passion and pride were almost tangible when we spoke to them about skills, sustainability and tradition.”