Rangsutra takes part in the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris

The 8th Ethical Fashion Show took place from 1 to 4 September in Paris. Rangsutra, customer of Women on Wings, took part in the expo and show. The expo was important for them in moving into the international market. It was the second time that Rangsutra took part in the show.

The Ethical Fashion Show brings together designers who chose to support and ensure the wellbeing of artisans and cultural and traditional handmade techniques. The collections are diverse, from chic to traditional. Alongside fashions shows, there are presentations and readings with many participants at the neighboring expo.

Rangsutra showed a variety of different handmade techniques in bed-covers, children’s line, home accessories and jackets and shawls. Rangsutra director Sumita Ghose and designer Ruchi Tripathi were enthusiastic about taking part. Later in the year, Women on Wings will evaluate the show with them and discuss any follow up steps.