Inspiring network meeting with Tex Gunning

On Tuesday 12 April, fifty Women on Wings’ business associates met in Amsterdam to learn about the Women on Wings partnership program. Tex Gunning, a member of the AkzoNobel Board of Management told those present an inspiring story about the role of businesses in society and its corresponding culture.

Tex Gunning clearly believes that a company is a part of the community and has a role in helping to solve the global issues such as hunger, diseases, malnutrition and ‘the inconvenient truth’. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Either we all hang together or we’ll hang separately.” That is why it is important for businesses leaders to adopt an attitude of service. Tex Gunning: “Great leaders are first and foremost great human beings. Great human beings live a life of service. Great service means taking care of the needs of others ahead of taking care of the needs of the self. Great care for the needs of our people will result in great care for our organization.”

In the subsequent discussion, Tex Gunning underlined the fact that everything changes when you change yourself. Instant change comes when people connect. People want to lead meaningful lives. On the topic of Women on Wings he said: “If two women take the initiative to give their life, energy and time to change something in the world, then I would like to join them.”