FabricPlus supports weavers, company and staff to blossom

FabricPlus not only makes beautiful products such as stoles, saris and cushion covers, it also produces silk yarn. Most of the weavers in the area used to spin their own silk yarn for a few hours per day, but now buy silk yarn from FabricPlus. The time they used to spend spinning silk can now be spent weaving. Given that the weavers are paid for the fabric, this has a very positive influence on their income.

FabricPlus is an important organization for Assam in north east India. It not only supplies beautiful quality silk, it creates a great many jobs for the local population. The management team supports its staff in a personal and stimulating manner. The education and development of the team is central and that translates into a highly versatile organization. Additionally, the management invites staff to use their own creativity and to take ownership of their role. In short, this type of leadership allows people and the company to blossom as people are approached for their talents.