Workshops with RangSutra result in export and communication planning

In order to build on the RangSutra brand both at home and abroad and to create a further 1000 jobs in the coming year, Women on Wings organized workshops lasting four days. They worked collectively on creating a basis for exports in which choices were made about target countries and product portfolio. The choice to export will enable the brand to expand and will improve RangSutra’s segmentation of turnover.

In order to make a start on export activities, participation in the export fair in Noida, India is a crucial step. Together with the team, Karen de Loos and Ellen Tacoma from Women on Wings worked on creative ideas for the brand experience at the stand. They drew up a basic communication plan involving the use of e-mail marketing and social media.
As Women on Wings wishes to make a continuous and consistent contribution to increasing jobs for women in rural India, a brief follow-up visit will take place in January and new workshops will be organized for the beginning of March. This will enable Women on Wings to follow-up the export fair, communication plan and many other activities, enabling RangSutra to grow and to provide impetus for increasing the number of jobs.