The Social Handshake – Loongift

The Social Handshake – Loongift

Women on Wings has been selected by the Dutch payroll giving platform Loongift as one of its dedicated charities. LoonGift is an online platform that facilitates payroll giving, which is a direct donation from an employee’s salary to one or more charities that are members of the platform. Women on Wings is one of the twenty-two charities that are currently connected to the Loongift platform and is especially interesting for employees who want to support economic development of women in rural India.

Payroll giving to meet CSR goals
Loongift is a new fringe benefit in the Netherlands offered by the social enterprise The Social Handshake. It is an easy, fun, transparent and effective way for employees to contribute to a sustainable and just world. They can choose their own themes and support charities directly from their salary, often with a tax benefit. For employers facilitating payroll giving is a way to take action to meet CSR goals. They can supplement or double the donation of their employees and in this way increase the impact. Payroll giving strengthens the company’s purpose, core values and branding. It also contributes to employee satisfaction and retention.

For more information about Loongift: The Social Handshake (English) and Loongift (Dutch).

“I can’t imagine GVK Society doing this big Waste to Worth program without Women on Wings on our back”

Aneel Kumar Ambavaram
Chief Functionary at GVK Society