Dharma Life

Dharma Life

Development Partner since November 2014

Dharma Life’s vision is to pioneer a movement where every individual earns a sustainable living, true respect and brings inclusive progress. Dharma Life develops a unique and sizeable community of social entrepreneurs by delivering training, establishing a consciousness culture, providing access to networks and products that have a social impact.

TEJASVANI: Dharma Life Women Entrepreneur
Dharma Life is a social enterprise that creates women entrepreneurs at the village level and provides them with socially impactful products relevant to its causes. It trains individuals at the last mile to become Dharma Life Entrepreneurs and provides them with developmental support. Dharma Life partners with corporates and social organizations to provide a portfolio of products and services to meet the rural consumer’s needs.
Gaurav Mehta, Founder and CEO Dharma Life: “Our training model is called TEJASVANI which literally means ‘radiant’. It highlights the role of the female entrepreneur as a “torch bearer” of society. She is a Tejasvani who is confident, intelligent & a change maker. She creates impact not only on an economic level, but more so on a social level for society at large.

The Program
The sanitary pads program ‘Making periods normal’ is a partnership between Women on Wings and Dutch organizations Simavi and Rutgers WPF, with financial support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. In India this program is executed with various Indian partners of the three, like Dharma Life.

“I truly enjoy our collaboration in which we co-created an impact on the lives of over 39,000 rural families in Assam.”

Dilip Barooah
CEO of Fabric Plus