Funding partner since July 2018

Fusing global perspective and local relevance
Brand Creative is an award winning Dubai based studio that lives and breathes design. Brand Creative’s design solutions are creative and relevant because it thinks and processes ideas differently; using global perspective and local relevance to envision spaces that are inspiring for users yet in line with client aspirations. Its ability to instinctively connect with consumers on an emotional level is the driving force behind Brand Creative’s success. The team chose Women on Wings as their Ramadan charity for this year.

Meaningful difference
Carla Conte, Founder and Creative Director at Brand Creative: “We wanted to ensure we were making a meaningful difference this year for our selection of charity to support during Ramadan. It meant a lot to our staff, many of whom are Indian nationals. Plus – with a focus on women and empowerment happening globally – this is ever more an important cause. Women on Wings is a cause close to all of us at Brand Creative.”

“In order to reach our goal of one million jobs for women in rural India, we have a strong focus on job creating business models in textile and food & agri.”

Ellen Tacoma
Co-founder at Women on Wings