Richa Gaur

Richa Gaur

Community platform manager

Society progresses when the women in it have equal opportunities of employment, wage, growth, and social status.

“India is a diverse country with multiple languages, cultures, religions, and staple food which makes it unique but also leaves little space to reduce inequalities.

The livelihood opportunities in rural India are scarce and hence leave women to be confined to home. Census 2011 says the participation of women in the labor market in the rural areas is 25.5% and in some parts of the country as low as 10%.

A humble initiative of Women on Wings gives unique opportunities to social and micro-enterprises to collaborate, have access to finance and market and seek support from its experts in creating job opportunities for women in rural India.

I am grateful to be part of the grand vision of Women on Wings on creating 1million livelihood opportunities for women in rural India using the virtual network. Through an online collaborative platform, business partners will have access to human capital to address the unique need of the businesses and accelerate growth.”