Merijn Heijnen

Merijn Heijnen

Lead consultant women entrepreneurship

Travelling the world and living in different countries, currently in India, have taught me a lot about the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the world we live in. I have learned about its different cultures, learned from the different people living in it and I have been fortunate to be able to see the beauty of it everywhere.

An unattractive part of life and the world we live in is inequality, mostly a result of where one is born. Being born in the Netherlands I have greatly appreciated all opportunities given and created. I am now again fortunate to be able to share whatever life experience, knowledge and skills I can with people without access to the developed learning and development systems we are used to in our part of the world.

Facilitating the women in the world is key in the growth of whole communities anywhere in the world, maybe even more in the beautiful but less developed parts of the world and specifically in India. I believe women in the world can, and already do, make the difference in many aspects of society and the global and local economy. Investing energy, time and money in supporting women farmers, young professionals, craftswomen, artisans, small business owners and social enterprises makes a great difference. Women on Wings can support women in rural India learn, grow, gain experience, become more independent and earn their own income.

I believe entrepreneurs all over the world are capable of creating value and creating jobs. I believe small business owners and entrepreneurs are another key in the growth of local economies and development of local communities resulting in improving the livelihoods of many people and families. Supporting and facilitating these entrepreneurs, be it local startups, scaleups or small family businesses, in their development and growth can and will have a huge positive impact on all these lives that depend on them. I am grateful to be able to collaborate with the business partners of Women on Wings, contribute to their development and support them with expertise, tools, sometimes just my enthusiasm or a different perspective and maybe another way of working.