Katrien Broeders

Katrien Broeders

Expert since May 2020
All-round international (business development) manager / entrepreneur

“When I worked in India, I have seen first-hand how effective women empowerment is in the fight against poverty and how inspiring Indian women are. Those who were not vocal in the past have transformed into courageous women and have started coming out with their own stories.

I also believe the power of business to create social impact. Social enterprises are being led by people who have a heart for making a massive social change and use business to generate profit and to change the world.

Women on Wings units my passion for women empowerment and social entrepreneurship. I was impressed by the incredible dedication and the professional approach to turn a bolt ambition into reality: to co-create 1 million jobs for the rural women in India.

To be able to utilize my skills as an expert for Women on Wings fulfils me with great joy and I am honoured to make my own small contribution to realizing Women on Wings’ ambition.”