Geeta Solanki

Geeta Solanki

Founder at Unipads India

Geeta Solanki, a Post Graduate in management with a specialization in marketing, is founder of Unipads India – Reusable Sanitary Pads. She started her career as a marketing professional, but was always keen to do something in the field of women’s health. Taking this desire forward, Geeta studied and completed a training on child birth to address the needs of pregnant women. It was while working as a child birth educator and meeting women from varied social and economic backgrounds, that she became aware of a graver and broader issue of menstrual hygiene amongst women. This led to the founding of Unipads.

The issue that Unipads addresses is ‘Menstrual health of women’. Unipads aims at providing an environment friendly solution to menstrual hygiene. In doing so, the goal also is to empower rural women by creating employment opportunities thereby creating financial independence for them.

Geeta has been recognized and awarded for her impactful work on many occasions. For instance the ‘Bharat Ki Laxmi’, an annual award given by India’s Ministry of Women & Child Development. Also Geeta is in the top 75 of Women Transforming India Award 2022 by Niti Aayog & United Nations and in the book ’50 Inspiring Women boys & girls should read about – Gujarat Edition 2022′.

Since 2020 Unipads and Women on Wings are collaborating on their joint mission of co-creating employment opportunities for women in rural India.