Else Schepers

Else Schepers

Else Schepers, expert since December 2020
Expertise: entrepreneur, e-commerce, leisure & tourism

“When asked by a female friend who is already part of the Women on Wings network, I felt it was the right time. For me, this is the time to ‘give back’. As an entrepreneur in leisure and e-commerce, I have travelled a lot and I have been working full time since my early twenties.

Now that I recently turned 50, I still couldn’t do without the daily buzz of my working live, but I do wish to take more time to reflect on life and all its particularities. Once you look at things from a distance, they become more clear and one of the things I saw was that it is a good time to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Sharing one’s knowledge and experience is a wonderful gift. Sharing it with people and organizations that help women to grow and pursue their ambitions is even better. I hope I can be the wind beneath the wings of many women in India.

I feel privileged to be part of Women on Wings and hope to be able to contribute for a long time to come.”