Carla van Aalderen

Carla van Aalderen

Expert at Women on Wings since November 2016
Expertise: HR, organizational and team development

“The goal of Women on Wings to achieve 1 million jobs for women in rural India strongly appeals to me. I believe in the power of women and their capacity to reach whatever goals they set for themselves. Having worked at smaller and bigger companies in the field of HR, I hope I can bring my experience to further develop companies and ultimately women in rural India. The enthusiasm and passionate involvement of Annemarie, Ronald and Ineke made me very enthusiastic too!

I am a strong believer in diversity and using the differences between people (whether cultural or otherwise) for the development and growth of a team or organization. Bridging the gap and really acknowledging the value of diversity is often a challenge! I’m looking forward to experiencing the cultural differences between India and the Netherlands, challenging my own assumptions and cultural beliefs and hope to learn from it.

Although I have travelled to a number of foreign countries outside Europe, I have never been to India before, so that will be an experience in itself.”