KAUSHALYA Foundation

KAUSHALYA Foundation

Women on Wings business partner since March 2017

KAUSHALYA Foundation was envisioned in 2007 by a group of young professionals with the vision to professionalize the informal trade channel of fresh farm produce (FFP) and creating gainful, dignified self-employment for the families dependent on agriculture sector. By increasing income and generating employment at the grass root level of the food chain KAUSHALYA Foundation changes the lives of rural people in India.

KAUSHALYA Foundation believes that equipping the right skills will enable underprivileged rural families to break free from intergenerational poverty. It takes the holistic view of the development touching upon their livelihood, educational, gender-equity sanitary and health mandate

KAUSHALYA Foundation has been working towards professionalizing the agriculture value chain as its forte aligning it to best practices encouraging organic farming and environment-friendly climate smart agriculture by training and organizing the farmers. Thus creating wealth and prosperity from farm gate to food plate through undertaking the holistic view of vegetable supply chain.

KAUSHALYA Foundation works with a hybrid model, selling its farm produce via KNIDS Green Pvt Ltd.

Women on Wings will collaborate with both in a joint effort to increase the number of jobs and livelihood opportunities for women in rural India where KAUSHALYA Foundation and KNIDS Green Pvt Ltd are working. At the start of the partnership, 810 women are involved.

“I truly enjoy our collaboration in which we co-created an impact on the lives of over 39,000 rural families in Assam.”

Dilip Barooah
CEO of Fabric Plus