Happy, healthy, inspiring & impactful 2023

Happy, healthy, inspiring & impactful 2023

For many the start of a new year is about making resolutions, setting targets and planning meetings, or vacations. But for many families living in rural India, without a regular source of income, it is difficult to plan anything ahead. Jaleshawari was once in this situation. But when she started earning a regular income at Women on Wings’ business partner Rassaa Creations her life changed completely.

There are many rural women like Jaleshawari who started working to earn an additional income to contribute to their family income. Thanks to a job, they are able to pay for a better education for their children and buy more nutritious food. Also, women become more empowered, experience increased self-esteem and a more equal position in their families. In 15 years, we have co-created 285,000 jobs for women like Jaleshawari.

We are excited to start this new year, in which we expect to start new partnerships with social entrepreneurs and with state Government organizations, that will result in many new job opportunities for women in rural India.

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, inspiring and impactful 2023!

“Women on Wings starts where others normally stop; sharing knowledge and skills is just as important as micro-finance.”

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands