Women on Wings’ Annual Report and Accounts FY 16-17

Women on Wings had much to celebrate in financial year 2016-2017: the number of jobs co-created reached to over 221,000. It welcomed new partners and experts and Her Majesty Queen Máxima expressed her appreciation for Women on Wings’ approach in a personal letter to the organization which will have existed 10 years in September 2017.

Growth continues
In FY 16-17, twelve new experts joined the Women on Wings network. This network of 55 committed professionals spent a total of 518 working days on realizing Women on Wings’ mission. The social enterprise welcomed thirteen new business partners in India, mainly in the women centric sectors Textiles & Handicrafts and Food & Agri, resulting in 33 active business partners. As final impact 21,100 additional jobs for women in rural India are co-created, leading to a total number of over 221,000 jobs.

Business consultancy creates impact
Women on Wings works with social enterprises in India on accelerating their businesses and thus create new employment opportunities for women in rural India. More about the Women on Wings approach, results of FY 16-17 and challenges for FY 17-18 can be found in the Annual Report & Accounts 2016-2017.