Annual Report and Accounts 2015-2016

Women on Wings had much to celebrate last fiscal year: new jobs, new business partners, new experts, new funding partners and new members joining the Women on Wings team. As final impact Women on Wings and its business partners co-created 18,000 additional jobs for women in rural India, leading to a total number of almost 200,000 jobs.

Textile, Food & Agri and Forestry
Since the start of Women on Wings, many partnerships have been made with textile companies. In order to reach the goal of one million jobs, Women on Wings developed a stronger focus on finding partners in Food & Agri and Forestry. Especially in women centric Food & Agri sub-sectors like dairy, mushroom and poultry. In Forestry, it is the women who gather the forest products, process them and sell them. Today there is a sizeable and growing market for non-timber forest produce. These include e.g. essential oils, skin care, and leaves for biodegradable plates.

Business consultancy to create an impact
Women on Wings works with social enterprises in India on accelerating their businesses and thus create new employment opportunities for women in rural areas. The Women on Wings results of 2015-2016 and the challenges for 2016-2017 can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2015-2016.