Join us! Become Friend and create a better life for more families in rural India

So far, Women on Wings created 95,200 new jobs for women in rural India. That means that 95,200 families now have two meals per day and, more significantly, about 250,000 children are no longer malnourished and can go to school.  We thank this result to our partners in the Netherlands and India, our experts and consultants and our Friends.

Women on Wings’ goal is to create one million jobs for women in rural India. Join us and become Friend. For 100 euros a year you contribute to improving the living conditions of 10 families in rural India. That means about 25 children have a better future thanks to the fact that their mothers have a paid job.

Fill in the online authorization (for Dutch bank account holders only) and help create a better life for more women and their families.
Thank you!

Sadhna vrouwengroep


“Women on Wings starts where others normally stop; sharing knowledge and skills is just as important as micro-finance.”

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands