BIJA Supply Inc

BIJA Supply Inc

Women on Wings partner since April 2017

BIJA is a feminine hygiene subscription service that aims to better the lives of women & families, both at home in the United States and around the world.

BIJA simplifies the lives of its subscribers by providing a convenient and discreet way of obtaining their feminine hygiene products when and where they are needed.

BIJA and its subscribers donate $1/subscriber/month to domestic and international charities that support humanitarian causes.

BIJA lifts the spirits of their subscribers by offering an exclusive, monthly curated Spotify playlist.

BIJA Supply Inc is the brainchild of USA based Kirstie van der Spuy and Mark Dykstra, senior digital marketing strategists. Kirstie: “In addition to creating convenient service for women, I wanted to create even deeper value and meaning. To that end, I decided that with every single monthly delivery, a donation would be made to humanitarian nonprofits. Like Women on Wings.”

“If you invest in a woman, you invest in a whole family.”

Queen Maxima