Michèle van de Craats

Michèle van de Craats

Expert at Women on Wings since March 2017

“I’m an event expert or live communication expert if you like. My goal is to create meaningful events. I’ve never closed my “Why-phase”; I always want to know the ins and outs of the matter.
Often I first take one step back; looking for the question behind the question. That’s how I get to the heart of the matter. Based on those insights I can design the right event concept. After that, it’s possible to accelerate by leaps and bounds, because the intended result and the road towards it is clear.
Now the thinking is done, I can start doing. I love to organise everything down to the last detail. To make sure that during the event all pieces fall into place and an experience, which really touches the participants and brings them into motion, originates.

Each year I like to ‘donate’ some of my hours to a non-profit organisation. This year I have the honor to join the team that’s organizing the 10th Anniversary Event of Women on Wings in the Netherlands.
I contribute by coordinating this great project.

I like to support Women on Wings this way, because I truly believe in investing in women. It’s proven that women spend their income on their families. Children can go to school, which increases their chances of a better future. If there’s one organization that will be able to create 1 million jobs for women in rural India, I’m sure it is Women on Wings.”