Hanneke Propitius

Hanneke Propitius

Expert for Women on Wings since June 2014
Expertise: fundraising

“Even before I had set a single step on Indian ground, I was intrigued by the Indian literature. After my first visit to this immense country I was ‘hooked’. I have had the privilege to return to India many times and each visit I had to readjust my perception of the country, the culture and the people. I know of no other country where life in all its richness and atrocity is imposed to one and where ancient traditions and rituals fuse with modern times.

I want to support Women on Wings, because I am convinced that women in India are essential in making the so needed change in society. Having a job with a secure income is so much more than just money for a meal.

I like to make a contribution with my experience in setting up fundraising strategies to help Women on Wings to find sustainable funding and support.”