Women on Wings business partner since November 2014

SRIJAN, Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action, aims for a rural society where there is dignity for all and people are empowered to fight for their rights and entitlements.

SRIJAN wants to reduce poverty of 100,000 rural poor families by 2020, through empowering them through a process driven member centric approach; enhancing their annual income by Rs.25,000/- and by building replicable and scalable women led community institutions, so called Self Help Groups.

Currently, SRIJAN works on various programs in Dairy, Horticulture, Water Resource Management, Livelihood finance and Agriculture. SRIJAN works in 18 districts across India (Madya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Rajasthan) creating an impact on more than 40,000 rural people (women, dalits, marginalized farmers and tribals). Its’ head office is based in New Delhi.

Women on Wings will support SRIJAN with technical and marketing expertise for its various business themes.

“In order to reach our goal of one million jobs for women in rural India, we have a strong focus on job creating business models in textile and food & agri.”

Ellen Tacoma
Co-founder at Women on Wings